Joint Republican Statement on the Committee’s Democratic Staff Report

Jun 30, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON — House Select Climate Committee Ranking Member Garret Graves (R-La.) and every other Republican member of the committee made the following joint statement about the Democratic staff report:


“We look forward to reviewing the staff report released by the select committee majority today, with interest in opportunities for common ground. It is disappointing that the full committee process did not occur as originally planned, including an amendment process where all committee members could vote on recommendations to report to Congress. We recognize the challenges that arise from COVID-19. The real obstacle to committees being able to effectively conduct deliberate process in a transparent manner is Speaker Pelosi. Unfortunately, she rammed through new rules upending more than 200 years of House precedent. We have seen the results with other committees — debate has been muted and thoughtful deliberations have been absent. Public input has been pushed aside in favor of expedited Democratic partisanship.


“Although there will not be a formal committee markup, preventing the opportunity for the select committee to endorse bipartisan recommendations, we are hopeful that the prospect for bipartisanship is not lost. As a result of COVID-19, the nation is in a far different place than when the committee was formed last year: The economy is struggling to recover, unemployment is at a record high, and small businesses are fighting to survive. This new reality should not be neglected. Bipartisan recommendations to increase the resilience of our communities and address global emissions — while strengthening the American economy and getting families back to work — are worth pursuing. We expect this effort to continue in the committee.


“Working together provides the best chance of maintaining U.S. global competitiveness and emissions-reducing leadership at home and abroad — without increasing costs on working families. Policies rooted in innovation lower the cost of energy, drive economic growth, and cut emissions. Our own experience with the energy renaissance in the oil and gas sector is proof. Economic growth and energy security do not have to be sacrificed in order to improve the environment. In fact, increased production of American shale natural gas helped produce the greatest emissions reduction in history. Our increased production also checks the ambitions of countries, like Russia, that wish to use energy as a weapon. U.S. entrepreneurship and hard work in the oil and gas sector, as well as advances in renewable technologies, have made the United States more energy independent and revitalized our manufacturing. Smart climate policy must seek ways to address emissions, while protecting the economic and geopolitical value of our natural resources.


“We will be guided by facts, more science, conservative principles, and American interests as we assess the Democratic staff’s work. Over 90 percent of all emissions will soon originate outside U.S. borders. More than 105 percent of emissions growth will come from China and developing economies. Moreover, since 2005, for every ton of emissions reduced by the United States, China has increased its emissions by four tons. That increase more than negates U.S. action to reduce emissions. Foreign nations will reject carbon reduction strategies that result in higher energy prices or increased manufacturing costs. If the United States aims to reduce global emissions and lead the global energy future, then poorly designed domestic climate policies that increase costs or add burdensome regulations must be avoided.”